Monday, 20 April 2009

Down Again

hey people
had loads of support from you guys on my last post...thanks very much appreciated :)

id like to say that my mood has improved but id be lying lol
im still deeply upset, worried about my lack of revision and to add to these worries...i got my mother being all unreasonable because i fainted today.
i was quite chuffed because i like the feeling i get when i faint but my mother didnt share my feelings. if i faint again ill be going to the doctors. :/ not my favourite place in the world to be honest.

ill try and be more discreet if i lose consciousness again.

im totally down i cant believe i got school tomorrow i really dont wanna go. my life is shit nobody loves me an im going to fail my exams an end up workin in mcdonalds.


goin to bed now folks hope you feel better than me


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