Sunday, 5 April 2009

Immaa Back

Hellllo anas.

been a while. i apologize once again. my life is really so hectic im finding it hard to find time for anything.
but i am down to 106. i never thought id see the day. i was 109 for so long i thought thats the lowest id ever be. and to make things better im going away canoeing for three days which is bound to drop some more pounds. im leaving tomorrow. (:

i've purposely bought hardly any food to take. i just no one notices. it'll be nice to get away for a while. but im on my period which is really annoying. i wish i could be so light i didnt have one. i no you guys might not feel the same, but i honestly dont want a period. it can fuck off for all i care. who wants to have a week where they're totally unapproachable? grrr i hate them.

i wrote about starting a sort of group diet in my weight blog and im keeping my word. i'll think up all the details when im away and write them on here on Wednesday. lemme no if your in (:

its going to consist of a lot of exercise as im off school for two weeks. which is fucking awesome. i need to do more exercise in my life. im really not as active as i wanna be.
starving on its own is no way enough.

going to be focusing on revising too. i need to if i wanna have good results. which i do (:

hope everyones feeling as optimistic as i am right now!!

love you skinnies



  1. If people notice your lack of food, you can always bemoan about how you left your second pack of food at home in the rush to get everything together... then smile and say "but we're roughing it and it's so beautiful out here!" haha, change of subject :)

    There's definitely birth control options out there that will significantly decrease (and sometimes stop) your period but you'll still get those vital hormones that your body needs when it's at a low weight. I've always heard that for both those reasons, it was good to be on :)

    Have fun!!!

  2. I agree with Savory, just make a big deal about forgetting food if they notice

    congrats on the weight loss! that was like me with 106, I couldn't get away from it, and now I'm down to 103 :)
    hopefully it will fall off more easily for both of us now that we've jumped a wall haha

    hope you have fun sweetie :)
    I'll see what you plan on doing exercise-wise and see if I can fit it in (stupid school work), and I'll tell you if I'm interested :)

    good luck, have fun, stay strong :)

  3. Did you see that documentary on last night about pro-ana sites??? It was called 'The Truth About Online Anorexia' and was presented by Ferne Cotton.