Saturday, 25 April 2009

Starting to Feel Better

hiaa everyonee :)
im starting to feel ex is slowly fading away from my thoughts and im beginning to think that he's not so important.
if he wants to leave me over something so petty as exams, hes not worth my time.
yes i still love him, yes i wouldnt say no if he asked me back but there's only so long im going to feel like this.
ive even been asked out on a date by a guy, but i dont feel that way for him...but i might go one day...just to piss my ex off an prove that other people find me attractive...unlike him!

anyway, i havent done so well today, my mother made me stay in and i havent eaten a proper meal for nearly two weeks. so i havent checked my weight...but i was 105 when i last checked.

my mother is getting really trying to asure her that im fine but shes not believing any of it. lucky for me she just thinks its because the break up and not anything eating disorder.

i know i said something about a challenge thing but ive really been either too stressed/busy to organise anything like this so i apoligise. i will when i get the chance :)

i feel all bloated now and disgusting. food sure is the worst thing ever. it makes me feel soo friggin ill!

hope everyones good :)


1 comment:

  1. things will get better
    good luck sweetie
    stay strong