Friday, 1 May 2009


Hello everyonee :)

im goood better than good actually.
i discovered that i HATE my ex an that i wasted my time with him!
hes gone around telling everyone bullshit about me an the relationship we had...which is pathetic.
its actually a good thing as it makes it easier to forget him. i dont wanna be crying about him all the time do i!

i went to a party last night. i really enjoyed myself got chatted up twice by 2 very fit guys which was a huge confidence boost that i really needed to be honest.

and im now actually texting someone...but i dont know if i wanna make anything of it yet. its too early to tell.

im sorry to write about my personal life on every post but it feels so good to get it outta my system.

anyway, food wise ive been doin ok i serious binges for ages which is fabulous. my scales is playing up right i ain sure of my weight. which is annoying. my exams start soon...havent done enough revision but thats life. this year sure does win the most hectic award for sure.

well ill leave it at that for today...hope my little anas are good :)
love you all xxxxxx

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