Sunday, 29 March 2009

Starting Over

hi guyss

had my first proper argument with my boyfriend last night and today. it was horrible. i cant stand arguing with him thats why we never have. but i was fed up of running back to him. i told him that he needed to try and prove to me that he loved me more cuz he doesnt that often. and he did not like that. but we've made up now. lol

done not to good this past few days but thankfully my mother has become a member of this awesome posh gym and shes put me down on this thing so i can go too. im chuffed :)

i got my friends birthday meal tomorro evening and then on friday a huuge party with everyone i ever met going to be there. i've ordered my dress...i absolutely love should get here by tomorro i hope it fits! if its too small or something ill fast until friday. that oughta make me slimmer.

oh well im off to bed folks love you all



  1. Aw, sorry for your argument, but I'm glad you've made up. First fight is a big relationship milestone, though :)Getting through it is a big win ^_^
    And I'm glad things are going well for you otherwise, too!

  2. Aww, bummer bout the argument, its good you guys made up though.

    Good Luck fitting in your dress, im sure you will look fab!!