Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Crappy Day

Not particually happy today...had a bit of a binge.
I'm trying to lose at least 5 pounds for the new year's party I'm going too, but if I carry on I ain gonna fit into my costume which is meggga slutty :)
I'm not a slut by the way, but I do love (as most girls do) dressing as one lol. The other-half ain too happy about it, but I couldn't care less!!
I started of the day fine... I only drank evian but then at lunchtime I ate a packet of crisps (which weren't exactly fat-free) and lemonade (full sugar, damn it).
So tonight I've decided to go for a run in the freezing cold :). There's nothing better than the fresh feeling you get when running in the cold. It's fab. Which should burn those bastard cals off.
But first I'm heading to the retail park to buy my boyfriends christmas pressie. I've definately left it too late this year and if the stupid thing is sold out, I won't be very friggin happy.
But after new year, there will definately be no more binges.
I'm turning over a new leaf :)
I want to get down to 110 pounds by March, + if these binges stop, I'll get there in no time.
It shouldn't be too hard to lose the 5 pounds, as I've taken to not taking my lunch money to school. It's great cause you save money and lose the fat.

So I'm off to go shopping, prayer for his present to be in stock!!!!



  1. Heey ! :)
    Thanks for following my blog !
    I really do appreciate it ,
    especially knowing that everyday someone follows my blog, it is just yet another friend
    here to support me :)

    always know that no matter what,
    i will ALWAYS be here to give some supporting
    words, give you some advice if needed,
    give you some thinspo, or just to talk&listen.

    You seem like you have gone through a LOT
    in the last few years.
    I know how annoying it can be,
    Ive had friends on my back about eating,
    &its NOT funn, especially when they are
    trying with all their power to get you to
    eat, &your trying to do everything
    and anything to get out of the situation of
    eating. Ughh that annoys the hellll out of me !

    aanyways , dont worry about your little
    misshap at lunch, it happens to all of us once in awhile . (N)
    Just keep your head up, &keep in mind
    how you felt when you slipped,
    you dont want to feel like that again.
    You should read my post.
    its called
    it helps me, and has helped a few others so far as well. (from what i heard anyways)

    I have been trying to post every day again,
    since i had gotten busy &began to stop
    posting, & that is where i began to slip.
    I may not post EVERY SINGLE day,
    but i try and keep my weight status as updated
    as possible & at least try and edit that every day.

    This Christmas Break I may become more and more busy .
    But im going to try and keep myself coming on here every day .

    Hopefully we can help eachother .
    Keep eachother thinspired.
    Keep eachother from slipping .
    Talk to each other and get advice
    or just to talk.

    Msg me back if you would like :)
    Add my email,
    Its on my blog.

    I hope to talk to you soon .

    GoodLuck my new friend.


  2. haha amen to being able to dress as a slut but no be one

    shit i binged yesterday, it was awful.

    and the blogging does help. when im getting hungry, i just put together a lovely little thinspo paragraph and it all goes away haha.

    good luck! <3

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3