Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas Day!
You guys must think i'm a freak being on here today, but as i had a new laptop i thought i might as well log on for a bit :)

In my opinon this time of the year is the worst for us anas. Food is a hugeeee part of christmas and I'm not sure about everyone else, but i for one is surrounded by my family pestering me to try their homemade mince pies or christmas pudding.
So, as much as i hate to admit i'm eating. The last thing i want is my mother to take me to the doctor again, moaning that i'm not eating.
Because this time round, I've got experience and i no that i don't want to get this time.

So i'm sorry for giving into the christmas spirit, but i hope you understand its either this or therapy.

I wont be leaving many blogs now until after new year, when i buckle down and get back to the old me.

Also thanks to my follwers much appreciated.
I'll make my blog more interesting when i get time :)

Peacee out anas

lovee you all


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  1. lol i've been online all day! totally avoiding family and xmas dinner!

    Nice to meet you and stay safe!

    Merry Christmas! ♥