Sunday, 28 December 2008

Counting Down The Days...

Havent particually eaten much today, I went over my fathers for lunch, and left most of it. I said i hadn't long got up and was still full from breakfast, (a non-extintant breakfast by the way)
and then later my boyfriend came round, and i nibbled on a few haribo.

But last night i pigged out on pringles in the middle of the night, while watching family guy. I don't partically regret it, as the urge was overwelming. And although i'm cutting down, i'm not starting the serious stuff until January, when school starts back. Its easier then. Also not eating in school time has its perks as i lose the fat, and save money :).

+ Also i want to enjoy the rest of my hoildays, as im sure all you guys want to do too. No one wants to be stressing when we're supposed to be celebrating.

love you all guyss


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