Monday, 29 December 2008

Home Again...

Back from my so called 'party'
not excactly the best rave i've ever been to, thats for sure.
One of my boyfriend's friends, and now a close friend of mine, ended up practically shagging this man beast. the size on her made me shiver. how can you look at yourself and be happy with the appearance looking back? i'm sorry if i sound bitchy, but if you saw her you might understand. she wore a skirt + tights in an atempt to look girly but her legs shoulders and face told a different story. I think she had facial hair. Anyway, i think i'll stop being a bitch now.

I ended up drinking 2 cans. but you can't really say that i drunk 2, cuz i left half of the 1st one and the 2nd. Yuck i hate lager more than i did to begin with. I scared to go back on the scales tho. I've got another party tomorrow too. Then a new years eve party up a club, which i'm dressing up to go to.

I'm going to be so fucking fat when i'm finished. I wish alcohol weren't so many calories!

I'll work them off tho. Ill make sure of that!

Thanks to everyone following my blog by the way, i'm chuffed that people find reading about my shitty life interesting.

Love you all ana buddies.


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