Monday, 29 December 2008

Happy Happy Happy

I just stepped on my scales which have finally been brought up from my garage,to find that i have lost 5 pounds since saturday. I am obviously over the moon, but i'm not sure how this as happened. I can't say i've been eating well. ( eailer i was pigging out on doritos) so i'm not really sure how i managed it.

Never mind. if i manage to keep it off, i would have reached my next weeks target :)

but i'm kinda going to a party in a bit and i'm expected to drink.
cuz my stupid boyfriend has gone and got a crate of larger (which i absolutely HATE) and expects me to pay money towards it. Yeah thanks for asking me 1st dipshit. I think he thought he was being thoughtful but the last thing i want to do now is drink, now that i've lost 5 pounds. They'll be back on my fat hips before i can say 'my boyfriend's an idiot'

So i'll just drink one an pretend i feel sick.

i wonder if he bought larger cause he knows i hate it then he can drink more. "/

Aww well i'm going to eat some oats-so-simple.
i don't wanna be getting steaming of my one and only can. That would make me look like a right nob.

Stay strong my buddiess :)

love you all


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