Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day

i think I've changed my mind about the "Christmas spirit" thing...
as today turned out to be a total success. :)
i had most of my family over my house today, aunties uncles that kinda thing and my mother as usual, provided a huge buffet.
i looked at it thinking, i really could do without eating all that shit.
so i took the smallest plate there and helped myself to the carrots and celery and the smallest piece of chicken.
i sat down an began eating, expecting my mother or someone else to start telling me to eat more, but everyone was too busy getting drunk or eating themselves to care what i was doing.
so i picked on my food...doing the thirty chew thing which really works on making me full.

So I've decided Christmas is a good time for losing the pounds, as everyone is too preoccupied with themselves to care what your doing. :)

i feel ive dun well today, i haven't weighed, as the scales is in a box somewhere in the garage cause i've recentely moved and i think my mother would get suspicious if i asked for the garage keys.

i think im improving guys, im def looking forward to new year when i can get down to serious weight loss. i wanna look f-iiiiiiii-nnn-e :)

love you all guys
stay safe


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