Thursday, 19 March 2009

hey guys

well my ex pleaded guilty. so am awaiting what his sentence is gonna be. he didnt actually rape so it wont be too severe. he feels so guilty about it too but i said i think its best if we dont communicate anymore. i wanna forget about what happened and him.

thanks for your very supportive comments ladies. it means a lot...thanks :)

over the past week i havent done too well. ive been binging to take away the pain but all its done is made me feel worse. so im back to the old me. i physically cant take it anymore.

im so worried about everything and i feel like crying all the time. this is the effect binging has on me. its torture. i just wanna curl up in a ball and die.

my boyfriend has been so supportive about the whole thing but i also feel like he's being distant with me...the whole ordeal is probably quite hard to handle. i hope he comes back to normal.

love you all guys stay strong


  1. Thanks for the update! You can make it through this, you're much stronger than you think. Keeping you in my thoughts ~ Savory

  2. i understand you so well, Hunny :(

    let's not give up