Friday, 20 March 2009


just leaving a quick post before i go out...
one of my friends is having a determined not to eat anything though :)

i done well today. well not that great but better than before.
i had 2 98 cal cereal bars and not enough water to keep anything alive.
i need to get into the habit of drinking loads again, ive sorta lost it. its no good unless you drink water folks!!

i did just plan on weighing myself but my mams boyfriend is working in their bedroom so i dun really wanna do it now...he might get nosey. totally amazed i got like 41 followers. thanks for having interest in such a freaks life.

i got two aims for to acheive by next friday:

back to my old binges, pigging out, or not doing exercise or drinking not enough water.

start properly GCSE's are like 5 weeks away an i no fuck all...i need to stop putting my social life 1st...tonight is a good example. :P

and another aim is

stop neglecting my blog readers...i have been awful over the past month...i'm getting back to it though guys :)

lovee you all millionsss :)


  1. have a nice no-calories barbecue (:

  2. Have fun at the BBQ...I know you wont eat, you can do it. I wanna get back to my old self too...its no fun unless your empty.


  3. Hope you have a great time, you deserve it.

  4. Yay for being interesting ^_^
    and good luck with the barbecue! I hope you have amazing fun !

  5. You can totally get back to your old self. I'm going to use your goals to motivate me to be better at not slipping!