Monday, 23 March 2009

Update On My Life :) post the other day was a slightly drunken one but i think i done ok considering :L...
i made an absolute tit outta myself that day... i think thats why i shouldnt drink. ever.
i dont wanna go into it, ill cringe too much.

i weighed the other day to find im down to 107! thank god i know its only two pounds but 109 was starting to get me down. i hope ill keep it off. :)

i feel really weird right now tho. i didnt eat all day... not intentionally as i wanted to have something little to speed up my metabolism but on the bus home i felt bad...also due to me not drinking enough i suppose...i might start taking them big 2 litre bottles to school. i might look stupid carrying one of them around all day, but if it'll get me to drink more its worth it. dehydration is my enemy...i tend to faint :L

my crazy ex has been texting me...i really need to change my number. i think he's trying to prove he's sorry but i dont want to speak to him. period. ive moved on, and i got more important things to worry about. but he cant take it so im going to change my number. my mother is telling me to go to the police, but i dont want to. ive had enough of them i wanna get on with my life.

my current boyfriend hasnt said anything about the anorexic comments i made on Saturday...thank god. i suppose he just thinks that i was drunk and that i didnt mean it. as i said loads of other things that were complete bullshit. ill prob find it all quite funny in a few weeks time but right now the memory is still raw and quite embarrassing.
im going to read all you're blogs now as i am very behind...which i apoligise for :L

chow 4 now



  1. Sorry your ex is bugging you, it sucks to have to change your number but it sucks worse to be harrassed.

  2. Yay for weight loss! and I'm sure you're ex will give up...eventually. I think you can just have his number blocked. That might give him the picture. That way you wouldn't have to go through all the trouble of giving out your new number. And it'll probably be free, just call your service provider.