Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sorrry Guys!

Sorry i havent posted since saturday....
but ive been eating 'normally' (really like an average fat disgusting person) for the last few days to get my mother of my back.
its worked too. shes away now until friday evening so i'll use this time to get myself back together.
i'll be staying up my father's which will be easier to go without food. I'll just tell him i ate before i came down, he won't say anything.
I also skipped school today and yesterday. Ain really sure why, but the thought of school seemed terrible. i said i was being i didnt have to eat much even tho i ate more than i would have liked to.
I was intending on going to school today bed was nicer. i can also get all my coursework done which should put me back in the game.
my exams are getting nearer and nearer but i just dont seem to be getting moviated.
oh well ill have to start soon or ill end up a trailer trash bum.

i havent weighed...but i think ill run upstairs and do it this i go...


109 what a surprise. i should be happy with that but im sorry...
ive been this fucking number for ages and its doing my head in.
oh well ill have to work hard now. no more food.
seriously. ive had enough trying to prove that im not ana...wen i should be gettin on with being ana.



  1. Hey love

    I've been reading your blog for a while now
    decided to start one of my own
    it's nice to know that I'm not alone
    think skinny, stay strong
    we can do this


  2. sigh. You took the words right out of my mouth. I'm having a hard time getting motivated about classes right now. If you find motivation, tell me what it was LOL!!!

    Sorry about the weigh in. I know it's frustrating when the scales don't seem to move, but it sounds like you've got a good plan going so hopefully the numbers will start dropping soon!