Monday, 9 February 2009

Absolutely Over The Moon

Hellllo everyone!

im so happy right now,
me and aaron have decided what we're getting eachother for valetines day.
hes getting me this gorgeous black dress, and im getting him a hoodie and some nice boxers :)

im so chuffed with the dress...i havent stopped smiling. i just hope he can give it to me in time to wear it on friday!! im going to town with all the single hes leaving me for austria.
woooooooohoooooooooooo im so amazingly happy. went rather well. i ate my carrots and lettuce for dinner but in geography my teacher brought mars bars in...(to do with glaciation...dun ask :S lol) and i had to eat it cuz all the girls know i love was only a small one anyway
if only there was a bin near, i would have dun a little c&s.
but there wasnt. and everyone would have seen me anyway lol

hoping theres a difference in my weight since saturday. going to weigh in a bit...once ive done a few things.
also i started an english essay today. it hasnt been set as homework yet but i might just do get it out of the way. sorry if i sound like a swat.

everyone seemed to like my hair of my friends was chuffed that i dyed it..."come on, the other colour was like ginger she said ( no offense if theres anys gingers reading this)"
and i am really liking it too. might leave a picture but i ain sure.
wanna see it guyss? lol

hope your feeling as good as i am...cuz im def over the moon :)

lovee you all
stay skinny



  1. I really wanna see ur new hair color :) I'm glad ppl liked it :) x

  2. Ha I'm a ginger but no worries. Glad you are doing so well! I'm feeling giddy too.

  3. Definately wanna see the new hair colour!
    Haha i know what you mean with the mars bars, they did it at my school too, where you pull it apart then smoosh it back together and see that it sort of crumbles and doesnt go back perfect, right? lol