Thursday, 5 February 2009

Periods + Boy Troubles

Still ill.
but to make matters worsee...its the unfortunate time of the month for me.
(well im quite happy i came on cuz i was starting to think i was pregnant...i havent had a period for AGESSS)

anyway im supposed to be having school tomorrow. but fuck it its a friday there's no point.

i'll just stay home, and get all my homework/coursework/everything else sorted.
soundss gooddd to me.

i didnt eat much today...
1 muller light yoghurt 86(i think) cals
and 2 90 cal special k bars. (ooooh i love em)

my big bro got into the raf today.
im really happy for him. but at the same time i no im going to miss him.
there's only one year (11 months really) between us and we've got the same sence of humour so we get on really well. so i guess im going to miss him more than i thought. "/

Aaron was doing my head in today.
going on and on and on and on about skiing.
an to piss me off further...
all these "plastic"girls are going that are a year younger than him
(FYI me an my group of friends are considered plastic, but please dont take that into nothing like that...i just care about my appearance so therefore in my school, im considered plastic)
anywho...i no he's got a soft spot for a few of them even tho he wont admitt it.
so im on edge. i dont no what to do with myself. "/

hmmm. oh well im off to better my websitee...(if you ain looked at it yet, what wrong with you??!! lol)

lovee you all buttyss :)


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