Friday, 6 February 2009


Helllo my loveliess
i just realised that there are 27 people following this blog (wow thats loadsss)
so i'd like to say a huggeee thank you...
am i really suprised so many people find my life interesting.

anywayss i dunno about any of you, but sometimes i just feel like a change.
so tomorrow ive booked to have my hair dyed dark brown. ive only told my boyfriend.
so monday in school everyone will be like 'omg man! is that you' but i think i really need to shake things up a bit. i feel like im stuck in a rut.

so im also planning to go shopping for new make-up, tan + false nails so i don't look so boring.
i want people to look at me and be like wow.
i wanna be known as the 'super sexy skinny girl' not just 'anorexic girl'
cuz rite now, im known as Ana and thats pretty boring.

today i had a goodish day...
a ate porridge a muller light yoghurts and 2 90 special k bars...oooh and a tangerine.
unfortuntely my boyfriend forced a slice of pizza down me.
my mother keeps going on that im not going to get better if i dont start eating properly.
but to me, shes the one whos not eating properly
cooked breakfast twice in a row? please thats just disgusting!
she bought me new green tea today shes in my good books :)

also, i no this is really random but does anyone notice how most of the girls on my super sweet sixteen are totally in love with themselves even if their absoutely buzzin?
itss likee jeezz louise look in a mirror!!

sorry for that lol

hope your all well anywayss

lovee you


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  1. makeovers are gd fun - and they always make me feel great about myself.
    Does everyone around you really know you have ana? ...thats really brave - to tell people. I would be scared that people would pressure me into getting help if I told them.