Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Day!

Its now 10:44 on a monday morning, and im not in science :)
yess its snowing and like a 4 year old im over the moon haha
its not even that heavy yet, but its supposed to get really bad (wwwoooop)
and i havent got any school tomorrow either.
unless gobal warming takes place over night.

id like to thank everyone who commented on my last post, your comments were lovely :)

im worried now tho that im going to binge today, as theres nothing really to stop me.
my boyfriend's school (as far as i no) is not closed so i cant go somewhere with him to take my mind off food.
he doesnt like to take his phone to school (werido)

i should really take this opportunity to finish my music compostition, but i cant be fucked.
ive only got like 13 or 14 weeks to my gcses.
grrrr. ill prob end up doing it. it will take my mind off binging i supposee...

andd my foot is still bad so i cant hop on the x trainner.

i dont think the school closing was such a good idea after all....

oh well.
ill prob leave another post after (either to say how proud of myself i am for not binging or to tell you how much shit i ate.)

muchh love my ana loveeliess :)



  1. Your last comment made me smile. Not the situation so much, but the matter-of-fact way that you stated it.

    I guess I have that kind of sick sense of humor. But still, I do wish you well, and hope that you are able to hold out for your self. Stay strong! You can do it!

    Your pictures from your last post are gorgeous!

  2. i went walking in the snow today... scary because i kept slipping but excellent exercise because your legs have to work so much harder to hold you up!