Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Bingee Bingee Binnnnnge

yes i binged. it was bad. i havent weighed. the scales seem so scary right now.

ive also been having extreme mood swings.
im like totally hyper/happy then im angry and feel like crying.
ive cried every night since monday.

my boyfriends parents play a huge part in the angry/sadness tho.
they are soooo fucking rude. they wont even speak to me. i say hello everytime i see them. they answer in quiet voices and seem like theyd rather not speak to me. they never make conversation so i always feel like shit. ive been seeing aaron for a year next month, and ive only had a conversation with his mother once. ONCE. his father seems more human, but hes never around. i honestly wish they would fuck up and stop thinking im not good enough for their precious son.
who, is blind to my relationship with his parents.
my mother always talks to him, for ages sometimes. so does my step dad.
grrr just grow up ini??!!

im going to fast tomorrow. my mothers away so she wont be pressuring me to eat. she keeps calling me too skinny and bordering skeleton. (I REALLY DO FUCKING WISH!!!!) but because theres no one in my house i might binge. ill do my coursework to take my mind of it.

quite a few of you want to see my hair...i'll get a pic up here soon :)

hope i can get more inspired than i feel now...cuz i feell preeeetty low.

lovee you skinnys


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  1. Aww I know how frustrating it is when there are difficult parents in the relationship! My last bf, Rob, his mom didn't want him dating me so basically she ruined the whole thing and made him so paranoid he broke up with me. *rolls eyes* With my best friend/ex-bf Joe, his parents are amazing. They talk to me often and his mom & I are like best friends...but in that relationship, MY parents are the difficult ones! They can't even remember Joe's name, and I talk to him like every night...gahhh....

    Don't feel too bad about bingeing! I know how it is...and it sucks. And I always seem to binge on cereal, brownies, and rice. How weird is that?

    Lots of ana luv, xoxo and PS it made me smile to see that I inspired one of the photos for your weight diary. :)