Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Heey guyss

i wokee up about 12:15 today "/ (still no school + none tomorrow either!! hehe)
and my throat was really hurting.
but i went out anyway.
i walked over to the village where my boyfriend and most of my friends live (to enjoy the snow once again)
my feet where soaking cuz i wore uggs lol
but yesterday when i wore them, my feet were fine :S

anyway throughout the day my health deterioated and now im in bed with a terrible sore throat and headache :(

andd i also found out that my boyfriend is leaving on valetines day to go skiing with his school. :(
i was really hoping on havin a romantic meal (i was going to fast the week before so i could eat...) somewhere nice followed by sexual sex.
im so upset.

i hope he doesnt leave me for some austrian girl.

thankfully due to my ill health, my eating habbits have been great.
ive only had a bottle of fizzy water and some sugar free throat sweets.

hopppe your all feeling better than me.

stay skinnnnny


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  1. Aww I know the feeling! My boyfriend Rob is going on a ski trip for Valentine's day weekend too! And with all of our friends. I couldn't go on the trip this year becuz I have classes on that Monday. Grr...and best of all his old crush is going on the trip too. And she's rather recent...blahh. Anyways I hope you feel better soon!!!