Monday, 23 February 2009


I am very confused right now.
today waas a reasonably good day (eating wise) and yet the scales say 112????????
thats just disgusting.
i ate oats so simple for breakfast (something i never usually have) to speed up my metabolism. then lunch time i had a packet of mega low fat low cal crisps. then when i came home i ate a salad. 10 mins ago i had an apple and some green tea.
i no thats quite a lot but its all healthly (except for the crisps but i had friends were having bitch fits...AGAIN)
so what do i do? not have breakfast anymore? well i no i ain gonna eat crisps at lunchtime again.
but is this eating breakfast speeding up your metab really work? or is it a load of shit?

i even done 30 mins on my x trainner and had two lessons of gym today. so yes. i am really confused. maybe its muscle weight?

i hope it goes anyway. i was gonna post my weight in my weight blog but im too ashamed.

hope everyones good.


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