Saturday, 7 February 2009

Hadda Nice Night Tonight

Helllooo Loveliess

well i now own brown hair!
which went successfully for once. normally when i dye my hair something goes wrong...but thankfully not this time :)

i look quite different i do say. for the better?
i sure do hope so.
i reallly need to start putting the tan on, i do look quite pale lol
i just got on the scales and 109 still stares back at me. "/
but in all fairness i havent tried as hard as normal...due to being ill. but i no i say this every week, but this week is going to be different :)

i went bowling tonight with Aaron, his sister and her boyfriend.
it was very nice hadda a really good time. it was a nice change from being stuck inside shivering and sneezing.

oh yes before i forget...Maggie commented on the last post and asked if everyone knows i have ana.
well most people know ive had ana in the past but dont know ive still got it. they think im over therefore im called the 'skinny/anorexic one' out of my friends. i act like i dont mind (because i dont want people thinkin i care) but its really annoying when im not losing and im still a fat fuck. so yes and no is the answer really lol

i hope your allll fab as off to read your blogs lol

love you all


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  1. I have naturally strawberry blonde hair and my junior year of high school (5 years ago... wow!) I dyed it black. I vowed I wouldn't do it again, but you're making me jealous!

    I'm sure you look hott.