Sunday, 8 February 2009

Omg Huge Bitch By Here :L


today is my last day of being fat so after this...ill prob binge on jaffa cakes.

ive already eaten a mini tub of ben and jerrys cookie dough.
but i dun care.
tomorrow its changing forever!!
except for the cookie dough, ive only eaten a banana and my mug of green tea.

so i think im ok to binge.

ive cleanned all day today...didnt even get to watch the rugby match in full because i was being a proper cinderella.

then after that i full on gave myself a beauty therapy sesh. :) i fell super clean lol. not tha i ain normally. gor a bit of ocd in the clean department.

my stupid bitch of a friend just annoyed the hell outta me. lets call her...huw. :L
ill start at the beginning. we used to be really friends forever!! blah blah blah.
then cuz my parents are friendly with hers we went on holiday together. about 4 times.

but last year i went on my own with them. no momma or daddio. and that hoilday turned out to be the worst one ive ever had thanks to huw. she was fine in the first week but the second, she just ignored me for no reason and left me out...basically made me want to run a 10000 miles home. i did cry secretly a few times becuz i was so fed up with her. so now, i dont really consider her a "close"friend and more of a slug.
and shes got like a secret life to. of a slut. she enjoys txtin her so called friends boyfriends and is the reason a lot of my friends are single right now. so yes. i dont like her. we still talk...but i reallly would rather talk to someone else. well anyway.
today i moved some of my friends (that i like way more) up in my top 16 on bebo.
then (cuz shes always on msn and bebo...doesnt seem to sleep just lives on her laptop) literally a second after i done it, she was msnin me..."how am i so low then?" "dun like me do you"
NO!!! i felt like saying. but i jus said i felt closer to the other girls. so that insant she moves me out right down to the bottom of hers. because shes so mature.
im not bothered that she moved me but come on. get a life. shes such an outcast i really do hate her.

sorry for the bitchin. but sometimes you just gorra get it out.

this post is prob considerably long so ill go now. hope you guys are all doing well.

loveee you :)


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