Sunday, 22 February 2009

Ready To Start Over

Heello my lovelies

im down do 109 not tooo happy as its the weight i seem to be stuck at, but its better than 111!
well tomorrows a monday, so that means a new start. ive been doing my exercises before i jumped into my bed. i gotta good feeling about this...i AM going to get down to 100.

saw my boyfriend today! :) just seeing his gorgeous face put me in a fantastic mood...that im still in now. he got me some nina ricci perfume (which i loveee and didnt expect lol) so i was over the moon. he also got me chocolates so i shared them with everyone so i didnt binge on them all.
so afterwards we obviously had a good umm...bit of sexual fun which was amazing. absence definately makes the heart grow fonder :)

congrats to all those partaking in the spring break challenge :) you all seem to be doing great
thinking of doing my own sorta thing soon...if anyones interested let me know :)

going to write a to do list exams are drawing nearer an nearer :( so i need to start some serious revision

night night my darlings :)
stay skinny!


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