Saturday, 14 February 2009

All Lonely On V Day

So he's gone! gone until a week next sunday night. aww i miss him already.

im going to town tonight with my girliess and getting absolutely hammered. :L
i no theres gonna be loads of cals involed so im fasting this morning until a hour before i go when i have a banana and some more fruit.
then ill go to the gym tomorrow morning

i weighed last night an i was 109 again! grrr its so annoying im not losing at all.
i will have to get serious but im finding it hard.

ive been cleanning all this morning. in my house and my dads.
for money lol.

and last i got chatting with my ex. we're still friends but we hadnt talked in a while. it was nice. an ther was some flirting there too "/
i dont no whether im getting feelings for him again. but then again i dont think i ever really got completely over him.
he asked me to pop down to this bar hes going to be in but im not.
i no none of my friends will want to and i dont wan them to think im getting feelings for him again. but i got his number now and hes got mine.
oh this whole thing could possibly get bad "/
as my current boyfriend hates him.
oh well.
we'll see what happens.

i hope your all good. good luck to those doing the spring thinkin of doing my own sorta thing wen i go back to school, cuz i no im going to binge sometime in the week. out of loneiness. i can feel it.

love you alll


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