Thursday, 19 February 2009

Getting Back On My Feet

hi guysss

i was pretty hysterical in the last post, so sorry if it seemed over the top lol.

im still 110, but its not staying that way. i watched the most inspiring video on youtube last night...super skinny me it was called. its a documentary about 2 woman trying to reach size double zero in 5 weeks. its split up into 5 videos and i really recommend you watch them when in need of thinspo. causee it sure did the trick for me!

i woke up this morning feeling rather motivated...ive been sleeping late purposely so i miss breakfast and my mother doesnt say anything when i just eat oats so simple. theres like 127 cals in one serving so its not so bad. then i spent half an hour on the x trainer burning them bastard cals off. i lost roughly 250 cals doing that so now im functioning on minus cals lol.
i think ill say im going up my dads for dinner to my mother so i dont have to eat dinner. "/

i wish i had my own place, there would be no one to tell me to eat, no one to nag just do what i want. and lose so much more than i am at the moment.

im also keeping cold. im in my bedroom now with all the windows open. its rather nippy :L.

6 days my boyfriends been away for. and im still not gonna see him until tuesday. and he hasnt rung me or anything. making me think hes having fun with some other girl to even bother to think of me. its the longest we've been out of contact and its horrible.

but hes gonna have a surprise when he comes back. im gonna be lush and skinny. then he'll never want to not ring me ever again.

also, i deleted everything my ex txted me and everything i sent him. im not being sucked in by him again and im not going to lose the boy that means the world to me. cuz my ex is so not worth it.

hope your guyss are doing well...your all my inspiration :)



  1. Wow sounds like you're doing very well! I'm downloading those vids from youtube right now and I'm going to put them on my iPod. Having thinspo with me everywhere is sooo important! Thank you so much! And thanks for posting on my blog, it means the world.



  2. I love Super Skinny me :] Very inspireing!
    Good luck love!

  3. totally lovin ur page! nice to find a fellow UK-an :] hope u wont mind my regular visits :]