Monday, 16 February 2009


Hello peopless

i hadda a great time in town :)
i cheated on my boyfriend againnn tho... "/
for fucks sake like. the man was like 27 :O
he tried to take me outside for well you know but i said no.
im proud of that. i dunoo why drink makes me sucha slut.
i spent 35 pounds on you can guess that i was steaming.
i havent weighed yet. i havent had anything to eat today tho.

ive been texting my txt lately. nothing dirty or anything, but it made me realise something.
a few weeks ago if i was texting my ex, i would have been over the moon.
but now that my boyfriend has gone anyway and im texting my ex, i dont want him.
everytime my fone goes off im hoping its my boyfriend and when i see its my ex im gutted.
that really does show how much i love my boyfriend doesnt it. i hope he rings me soon i miss him so much.

also him being gone makes me just wanna do fuck all. when i got quite a lot to do. but also i dont wanna eat. so that good.

oh im really sorry guys. im so fucking boring aye.

hope your all goood
im off to watch briget jones


1 comment:

  1. Yeah alcohol is the devil! But also fun...argh. :)