Saturday, 31 January 2009

No More Of This Shit

I knew it was going to happen eventually.
I was going too well for too long.
i binged and binged and binged.
i dont think ive ever binged so much. it lasted the whole day.
it was uncontrollable like some kind of disease.
this morning i weighed change to what i tomorrow, im back. back to the determined person i was.
food is clogging up my mind. skinniness is taking over my thoughts and dreams.
i want it so bad and im willing to do anything to get there.
ive been watching loads of thinspirational things on youtube and bbc iplayer.
its given me tips and helped me so much. i recommend looking at them.

im dying to execise but ive hurt my ankle playing hockey on friday. im not sure what ive done to it, but i can hardly walk on it. i might have to go up the hospital. i hate hospitals.
i hate them. ill avoid going to one by all means.

im not going to binge again. (i no its unlikely but hey, im gonna do my best)

by the way, this is me. i thought id put some of me up, im a bit scared that someone will find them, but i doubt anyone ever will.

hope you guyss are all well.
im loving you all loadss


  1. Holy shit, you're gorgeous.

  2. The comments above me are right, u are reali pretty :D I hope u reack ur goals :D

  3. Ditto what everyone else said! And your wrist looks so tiny it's adorable!

  4. Omg! Your tiny and gorgeous!