Monday, 5 January 2009

Better Today :)

Hi Guyss

thanks for all the comments on yesterdays post,
it means a lot

well thankfully ive been in a much better mood today, i think i jus needed a good cry.

i went an did some serious shopping today :)
im very happy with what i bought too, which never normally happens btw lol.

also i managed to buy size 6 clothes, which are starting to not be so tight :)

but foodwise, i did terrible, but its ok as i go back to school tomorrow and i'm doing, as i said the serious dieting/fasting etc

i had a kfc bucket tha i shared with my friend we didnt eat much mind...i felt quite sick after the 2nd piece of not sure if that was my ana side or the fact the food was sickly.

i also bought new clothes an a bag for school, which always makes me feel cool. :)

so im goin to have a chicken soup an watch lee evans.

need a laugh after all the cryin i did yesterday lol

lovee you all guyss :)


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