Sunday, 18 January 2009

happppppppy y'all

Well hello :)

i havent written for a while i dunno whats wrong with me lol

i weighed eailer and expected the worst. ive kinda binged this weekend and i was at least expecting 114lbs.
but amazingly im 109.
i dunno wats up with my body, but whatever it is, i like it!
but this week im knuckling down a notch.
my bedroom is finally finished, my new wardrobe is up so i can put my thinspo on the inside of the door. i put pictures of me an my family up today, so my thinspo will be up tomorrow. :)

i also read today in this little health book i got that exercising outside increases your sex drive.
so tomorrow i intend on going for a run :)

i cleaned my room today and it is shit hot.
i intend on getting a huge framed pic of kate moss on one of my walls. i lovee her. shes such an icon. (i would get a pic of a lush man like that boy off step up or something but my hubbie would get jealous lol)

well im off to sleep...stay strong buddies :)


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