Monday, 12 January 2009


Friends can be soooo annoying sometimes.

i was in school at lunchtime... enjoying my raw carrots, cabbage and lettuce
when a few of my friends came in to the class (we hang out at lunchtime in one of the girls form classes, ) all holding pizza boxes from the dominos delivery man who stands outside the school gates at lunchtime.

so i thought nothing of it, thinking of how disgusting the smell was, and how they will all be fatties if they carry on.
when my friend ashlee* chucked a pizza box in front of me, and said
eat, you skinny bitch.

i was horrfied. so i said shut up im not hungry
then the rest of the girls joinned in saying im too skinny
but im not!!

so then it turned into a bit of a arguement, ending in the girls asking if i was ana again.
i honestly thought they all forgot about that.
i didnt know what to say. so i just said 'no...but i wanna be healthy, is that a fuckin crime?'
in the end i ended up eating the pizza just to shut them up.

come on not even that small. im huge to be more precise. and there they are poking their noses in trying to be a 'good friend' welll if they wer good friends they would keep their noses out.

its really annoyed me an ive prob put back on all them pounds that ive lost.
i was still angry when i came home so i cleanned my bathroom, so much that i can see my reflection in the tiles.

i dont wanna get on the scales, just in case i have put them back on.
soo ill leave it a few days and from tomorrow, ill start the serious exercise.

hopefully ill be 100lbs before valentines day :)

hope you girls are all good



  1. That really sucks... Really mean of them too! I'm sure you're still doing great though, don't let it bum you out too much.

  2. The thing is, even if they have your best intentions at heart (and I couldn't say if they do because I don't know your friends), that was TOTALLY not the way to go about it. They pretty much trapped you and that's lame. Sorry you had to deal with that.