Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Hi people.

im sooooo tired. i dunno why either.

im in a bit of a predicament too.

today, i told my friend that i would go to town with her on friday. its a good excuse to buy a dress and i no ill have a laugh.
but when i told my boyfriend that i was going, he got all jealous and started making arrangements with his friends to go out an see this film that he fully well knows im dying to see.

so im stuck and i dont know what to do.
do i go to town or stick with my boyfriend?

i understand completely why he doesnt want me to go, and its because i cheated on him when i went before. but the boy was stunning, and i was absolutely steaming. (ive never been so drunk, i was even sick + i never normally throw up) so i bet hes feeling insecure and is worried that ill do it again, even tho he wont admit it. and the thing is, i cant promise it wont happen again.

but i dont wanna let my friend down either.
grrrr i hate makin decisions like this.

anyway food wise i havent been doin my best.
i dont wanna weigh cuz i dont wanna let myself or you guys down.

sometimes i wish i could be someone else.

night night guyss


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