Sunday, 11 January 2009

Black Eye

Hello readers :)

i woke up this morning with a beautiful black eye + nose...How gorgeous i look people!
well thats life for you.
not looking forward to school...i can see it now
'what happened' 'how you do tha' 'omg look at your face!'
then me havin to explain the story a 10000 times to teachers and people i know.

anyway...i totally binged on maltesers today...and thats really all ive eaten.
thankfully my huge swollen lips have done me a favour...ive told my mother it hurts to eat and that i dont want much. and she hasnt thought anything of it.

i put my water and my lunch in the fridge for school tomorrow consisting of raw cabbage, lettuce and carrots :)
this week im going to do good. im making sure of it.

well sleepy time for me now...
hope you guys are doing gooood :)

lovee you

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