Saturday, 10 January 2009

Hi Guyss

Hello People :)

ain left a blog since thursday i think lol
very unlike me.
omg my period has been fucking terrible. tears, moodswings, pain the lot.
then to top it off, yesterday,
while i was walking home, a passin car (full of drugged up ugly as fuck guys) decided to chuck a full bottle of coke out of the car window.
being unlucky as i am, it hit me square in the face.
my nose is possibly broken, and it looks like ive had lip surgery thats went terribly wrong.
plus i can only breathe out of one side, which is extremely annoying.
i hate my life.
why fuckin do this? i didnt even see the number plate to report it.
so im bruised and lookin uglier than ever. thank you god.
my boyfriend was extremely pissed off, which made me feel good, shows he cares really doesnt it.
but thankfully, ive lost some weight :)
4 pounds. it wasnt my target, but one pound short, so thats good enough for me :)

thanks for the comments on the lats post guys
i will use your advise :)

love you all guyss



  1. omg! what jerks! I hope that you are ok!

    I dont understand why people do such stupid things :(

    I once had a half eaten hamburger tossed at my head while i was biking down a busy street.

    I hope ur ok

  2. I'm so sorry!! That's just terrible. Some people are so stupid.