Wednesday, 21 January 2009



Im soo freakkkin pissed.

i binged today. so much to knuckling down.
lunchtime i bought (brace yourselves)
a butter baguette, walkers crisps, skittles, a creme egg and non diet pepsi.

i have no idea why i dun it. i lost all control.
i wont be surprised if im 120lbs tbh.

im sliding down and its really hard to get back up.
my willpower seems to be crumbling.
i really need to get a hold of myself. im pathetic.
its pissing down but im going to go running. i need to im not letting myself get fat again.
im not going to let it happen.

i hope my friend intends going to the gym again this week.
oh shit i cant go anyway. im double booked as it is.
i got a netball assesment afterschool and im going shopping with brooke.

i decided im not going to town...i value my relationship with my boyfriend too much. i dont wanna give him a reason to realise how horrible sluttish ugly fat and disgusting i am.

amazingly he hasnt noticed yet.

well im off to run, then homework then gcse revision then shower and bed.
my life is sooo cool!!!!!

hope your all doing better than me!!!
love you all


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  1. Aww hun dont worry about the binging! It happens to us all....this important thing is to get right back to ana a.s.a.p.!!! And always, ALWAYS avoid the first bite. We love to think: "just onnnneee little bite..." but our bodies override our brains at the taste of food. And it is never just one bite. Anyways we still love you babe and it's okay!!!! Ana is forgiving! Keep in mind the goal of thin, and that there is always a new day to starve. :)