Friday, 2 January 2009

Not Too Happy

i guess its what you get when you drink like a fish on new years eve.
I havent properly exercised yet either. grrrr.
but today i discovered i like prawns. i heard their healthy.
well all seafood is really
accept for cod in batter.
yuckk batter.
fatening as fuck.
anywaysss...going shopping on monday...i got a shit load of money an vouchers to spend in topshop + river island. :)
so im goin to try an fast until monday. and if i can't fast i''ll do all the exercise i havent been doing.
cuz im goin with one of my skinny friends. so i no ill feel fat when im grabbing the size 8 an shes having the size 6.
i can fit into a size 6 but i doubt ill be able to now ive put on like...loads.
an to think i was 105 eailer this week. :(

oh well. hope your all good people :)

love you all


1 comment:

  1. id sooo rather be your 112 than my 119 =[


    good luck on the fasting tho haha =D

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3