Thursday, 8 January 2009

Just My Luck

Hi fellow anas :)

today was other good day...well until about 6:45.

only ate

half a packet of snack a jacks

but then my mother insisted i have dinner
i cant really say im not hungry as it will set off alarm bells in her head that im ana again.
chips carrots and cod.
yes in fucking batter.
i do actually like it. until i think of all the fat in it
that will hang on my huge thighs forever.
then i feel sick.
so i ate half of it.
then my boyfriend came over.
i couldnt believe it, he saw all my thinspo on my laptop.
the nosey thing was lookin for pictures of me to put on his fone, then he stumbled across the hundreds of pics of skinny girls. he asked me an what it was about, and i said i needed pictures of girls for a school project.
oh god i hope he didnt think of me havin a ED.
he didnt say anythin else tho. i hope his is too dumb to figure it out.
and just after he left,
i found my head burried in a tin of chocolates. well fuckin done me.


there is a reason for this binge...ive come on.
that explains it. so im not too pissed.
even tho im worried that i wont have lost as much as i wanted to this week.

does anyone have any excuses to miss dinner with the parentals?
cuz im drawing blank.

please leave your suggestions
and i will welcome them with open arms lol

lovee you alll



  1. Hey there, just found your blog and thought I'd say hi!

    Parents are the toughest to handle. I'm so happy that I'm on my own now. But I suggest, getting home after dinner, especially if you drive. You can always say you just ate, or you picked up something on the way. But if your parents are know about Ana in your past it will be harder.

    Another good thing to do is take food out of the fridge when no one is around, throw it away where no one will see it. Or down the garbage disposal.

    Don't beat yourself up if you have to eat. Tomorrow is another day!

    Love your Thinspo!
    <3 Eva

  2. if you get home before parents they never believe the "i already ate" thing for too long.

    Make a massive sandwhich with something that makes a mess, rip a bit out of it and leave in a plate. Put the rest at the bottom of the bin.
    Sit in the living room with the plate when your parents arrive you can show the piece you got and be like "Christ I missed lunch and was starved, I think I stuffed my face to much!"

    Leaving crumbs and pieces around also work.
    You can also say that you are dieting. Like Special K?
    So just fill a boll with milk and cereal, throw it away and put it in the washing machine.

    Hope it helps xx