Tuesday, 13 January 2009

What Is Wrong With People??

Hello readers :)

ive done well today, only eaten my lunch of raw carrots cabbage and lettuce then a stir fry when i got home.
my mothers recently gone on a diet so shes cooking healthy.

my form tutor commented on my weight today. i didnt no whether to be pissed of or pleased to be honest.
shes a biology teacher and the word is that she used to suffer from bulimia. shes in her 30s now, and is fully against pro ana sites she makes her views very well heard too.
so anyway, she tapped me and said that i seem to be pulling my trousers up a lot (they have gone a bit big) and asked what i had for lunch. i just randomly came out with a chicken tikka wrap...if she used to have a ED she'd be likely to know what i had for dinner was a zero cal meal.
she also said that my face looked a bit more boney. (some people must have fucked up eyes to think ive lost that much weight) so i then said nope everythings fine.
but what really wound me up was my friend who was standing next to me, while my tutor had this convo with me. she said shit about me & the girls aint the only ones to notice it. we're all worried about you.

grrrr just piss off the lot of them.
god im not even near my desired weight and their having a go at me!

cant i just lose weight in peace anymore?

peacee out guys



  1. ugh, what is with everyone?! how annoying! stay strong babe, you can get through this.

  2. god i hate people!! seriously, so many people are skinny its not like its a crime! no one should give any shit to people about being thin just how they dont if someones fat!! youd never go to someone and say "wow your face sure looks fatter" so dont say the opposite! i know how you feel, hun! i get shit and looks every single day of my life!