Friday, 23 January 2009

Lovin My Followers

Hiyaa Guyss.

Ive been better since my last post...even though ive found it hard.
which never normally is a problem for me.
ive got the determination, but its my parents/friends.
if i lived on my own, this thing would be simple. but everyones on my case, raising the eyebrow if i havent got food in my hand.

ive been reading a few of your blogss girls and i am offically addicted to them
Kat + Anna are ones i can think of off the top of my head
you guys inspire me loads.

im about to go bowling with my boyfriend and five of his friends ....god help me.
i know most of them but im meeting 1 or 2 for the 1st time tonight.
and no doubt ill be expected to eat a mcdonalds. :( i wont eat it tho. hellll no.

im absolutely dreading monday.
its parents evening.
i have to attend with my mother. (my parents are divorced and my father couldnt care less about me)
im a all round good pupil, im expected As and stuff but im worried about my biology/form tutor teacher metioning my weight loss to my mother. and my pe teachers have commented on it while ive been changing for the lesson. oh shit i hope they dont day anything.

well im off to put my slap on.

hope your all good.

lovee you

1 comment:

  1. awww! that made my day!

    i hear ya about living with others... my family doesnt eat together thou so i have it easier. i bring enough food to my room to C&S that i'm sure they arent worried and i still wear my fat clothes around the house.

    mcdonalds...ewww... tell em all ur thinking of going vegan for the animals sake! nothing at mcdonalds is vegan, not even the salad. the only downfall to that, is that sometimes people will go to extreme measures to make sure there is something that you can eat, i'm lucky to have food allergies on top of all that!

    stay safe! ♥