Thursday, 15 January 2009


Wowww man.

im so happy. went to a gym not far from my house and started up a membership.
i went with my friend leia* who is a bit bigger than me (size 10-12) she seriously wants to lose weight and tone up.

so we bothh went and worked out like mad.
rowing machine, bike, x trainner, running machine, weights, sit ups and stuff with a medicine ball

feel so exhilarated. its a fabulous feeling. i havent worked out like that f0r ages. XD

i do feel slightly angry with myself tho, cuz when i was waiting for my mother to pick me up, i ate some shit :(
dont wanna go into it, i feel really bad about it. thats the 1st and last time thats happening tho!

aww it was lovely having my boyfriend there tho. :)
i was watchin him on the weights and he looked so lush. i wanted to run up to him then an there and snog his face off in front of a very busy gym.


aww i really love him. hes sooooo lovely.


anyway thank fxck tomoros a friday!!! i have gymnastics and i love them now
i used to hate them, but they've turned fab.
im turning into quite a gymnast, if i do say so myself

anywayss folks, hope your all great

lovee you


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