Thursday, 29 January 2009

Feeling Finee

Woww man, another good day.
ive finally got my willpower back.
the feeling is amazing.

ive been absolutely freezing all day which is a good sign.
i havent eaten anything all day in school.
and when i got home i had a salmon salad. and thats all im eating today

and last night i had a dream.

i was skinny. so skinny. about 95lbs and my english teacher (he's my fave teacher, absolutely nuts and just too funny, but he can also be serious, like he was in my dream) was trying to take me to a anorexia clinc in the city. he was also trying to make me eat.
id eat but just spew it back up.
very random, but i was quite happy that i was so skinny. it gave me motivation.

and now i feel like i got a head ache coming on.

im so happy. i hope i can stay like this. keep losing.
i'll be perfect.

hope your all good my lovelies



  1. I was cold all day too! Interesting dream. Might you have a teacher crush? :)

  2. Ummm Naahhh lol
    as much as i like him as a teacher...there's no way i fancy him. lol