Sunday, 25 January 2009


Thanks for the comments on yday's post
your all very supportive i gotta say :)

i woke up this morning feeling a bit worse for wear. but then Aaron came round unexpectedly at 10 am. very unlike him, as hes in love with his bed.
i answered the door cuz my mother was taking my step dad to the airport.
he gave me a bunch of flowers and said that he was really really sorry.
he said he didnt mean for it to come out like that an that he was gonna love me jus the way i am.

i felt like i was bridget jones lol.

so we then endured pretty amazin make up sex which put me in a high happy mood all day.

i did mean to weigh myself but it sliped my ill update my weight blog tomorrow.
ive packed my lunch for tomorrow and this week im clamping down for sure.
i might even try a liquid fast...but its gunna be hard to do with my mother around. ill do it tho :)

can anyone recommend me any good foods to do on a liquid fast? cuz i only know soup. or is that the only one? lol
ive only done water ones in the past, but as i said with my mam its guna be hard.

love you guyss



  1. HOORAY FOR MAKE-UP SEX! I'm glad things are settled between you and your boyfriend.

  2. Good boyfriend :) As for the liquid fast, I like carrot juice and orange juice mixed (about 1/2 and 1/2) and it has a lot of vitamins which helps since I have trouble taking vitamins/supplements on an empty stomach.

  3. So glad that things are better. When I did a liquid fast (doing one again tomorrow/thursday) I drank veg broth, soymilk, carrot/orange juice and diet soda, although the soda isn't very healthy it was nice for a treat.