Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Just a quick blog,
im off to the gym in a bit.

today has gone really well.
i intended on fasting for today, but as im off to the gym i ate spagetti on toast.
roughly 130 cals.
am i being silly or is bad to go to the gym when you havent eaten all day?

forr lunch i went up the villiage with 2 of the girls, who thankfully dont seem to notice what i buy. i bought water an sugar free gum.

i hope i can keep this up for the rest of the week.

stay skinny



Had a fabulous work out in the gym, it was packed tho.
done about 40 mins on the x trainner, another 40 on the bike and about 20 on the rowing machine.
i say fabulous, but i could have done more. as i was with four of the girls, i had to leave eailer, otherwise i would have stayed.

when i came home, my mother asked if i was hungry. (i was a little bit, but ive began to love the empty feeling again so i didnt want to eat)
i knew she wouldnt rest until i ate, so i had toast and light garlic & herb philly.
(about 80 cals with the bread...i supposee)

i was watching a very thinspiration tv program eailer called supersized vs superskinny.
basically one very morbitly obease person had to swap their diet with a 6 stone woman.
the fat woman was disgusting. there were scenes of her in her underwear...which almost made me feel sick.
how could anyone let themselves get so digusting?

anywayyss i should be doing my maths homework which is due in 2moroo so ill leave it there for now. :)

hope your all good my lovely little anas :)



  1. spagetti on toast? who eats that? that's so weird.... anyways keep it going and burning... :D keep it thin...

  2. haha to the comment above, i LOVE spagetti on toast, its so much more filling and sustaining then any spreads..
    and as you asked about eating before the gym, i always do. You have to in order to get the best possible workout in, its not like you hasve to eat much, but spagetti on toast is perfect, just enough to keep you going


  3. It's not like plain pasta spagetti, its the one in tomato sauce in a tin.
    if thats what you thought lol :)