Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A Bit Of Thinspo 4 Ya

Hiaa guys

ate a butter baguette and crisps for dinner. i want to give the impression to the girls that im trying to be healthy but failing miserably. so they'll leave me alone.
but i cant afford to do it everyday for the obvious reason.

felt good today in biology tho, we had a pop quiz and i knew all the answers cuz it was about diet and its effects on the body. i didnt even have to think about the answers so i was chuffed with that :)

im supposed to be going to the gym tomoro with a few people including my boyfriend.
lol thats gonna be interesting.
also Shane* my bf's friend who i once snogged absolutely ages ago (like i must have been 13) is going. i used to like him until he started spreading rummours that me and him have had a 'fling' he wishes is all i can say. yes i kissed him, but nothing else. i was 13! and drunk may i add.
he told everyone this about 3 months ago aswell. how pathetic.
i dont mean to sound big headed but i get the idea hes jealous and is atempting to split up my relationship. "/


heres some thinspo. :)

tyra banks. not the skinniest i admit, but beautiful nonetheless.

kendra wilkinson one of the girls of the playboy mansion. i really love that show and i think kendra is gorgeous. and very tonned

also there are some of my faves like nicole richie and kate moss.
love them both :)
hope you guys are all well
love you


  1. Ah thank you for the thinspo! Exactly what i needed.

  2. i love the girls next door too! I own all the seasons!