Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Another good day today :)
a handful of grapes
2 tangerines
snack a jacks

ain sure how many cals, but it doesnt look much.

my hockey training was cancelled, (not much of a surprise, teachers are soooo unrealiable)
of unfortunately i havent done much exercise. except for the workout ill be doing before i go to bed.

being at school makes such a difference to what i eat, cuz when your at home, you have that evil little voice telling you to go and binge and you can do it.
but in school you cant just get up and go to the fridge. also if i spend money on shit in school, ill punish myself. like a water fast or something, or a 1000 crunches. pure agony :)

changing the subject, has anyone else except for me fallen in love with beyonces new album?
omg its amazing im hooked. i recommend it to everyone.
she even refers to chew an spit for a tiny bit in the song 'Diva'
and 'halo'? gosh i replay it over and over. makes me think of my boyfriend lol (excuse me being corny)
ive been seeing him for nearly a year now, and he knows ive had eating probelms in the past, but hasnt witnessed me having them. it makes me feel bad sometimes when i think of what im doing again him not knowing and all, and if he finds out im not sure if he'll forgive me. cuz ana is full of lies really isnt it. but i have to do it. he is some of the reason why i am. i want to look good for him. and ana makes me feel great. if im doing well lol.

anyway, heres some more MK thinspo. you can never have enough of her in my opinion :)

hope you guys are all good :)



  1. When I told my ex-boyfriend about my eating problems, it turned out to be nothing but trouble. Hopefully yours is more understanding.

  2. love the thinspo pics... keep them coming.. x x x